Blazeray Tactical Flashlight – Use Only for Self Defense


I’ve been watching some pretty cool videos about self defense on the Internet. I learned that even something as simple as a flashlight could be used as a deadly weapon to ward off attackers. I bought a Blazeray tactical flashlight specifically for the purpose of training with it. The videos were made by a self defense instructor who had lots of martial arts training. He developed a system of using your hands and every day items to defend yourself in situations that may quickly arise without warning. The flashlight that I bought has a special edge on it that makes it easy to injure attackers when you hit them with it.

In addition to learning how to defend myself with a flashlight, I also studied the key chain method. A regular key chain automatically has a deadly weapon on it in the form of keys. Metal keys may look harmless, but when pressed hard enough into the skin, they can be harmful. When pressed into the eyes, they can really do some damage to an attacker. I don’t plan on using these techniques to start a fight with someone, because then it would be assault. I would be no different than the muggers and attackers that prey on innocent people. These measures are strictly for keeping myself and anyone else who may be with me safe.

I had the unfortunate chance to test out one of my newly learned defensive measures when I was at the grocery store. In the parking lot, a man tried to rob an old lady by taking her purse. The old woman was defenseless, and screamed for help. That’s when I stepped in with my flashlight. I hit the robber in the head with the light, which caused him to let go of the woman’s purse. He tried to run, but I tripped him up.